Hot after the 3.1rc1 release we're happy to announce the next 3.1rc2 release. This specifically addresses several compatibility issues with Joomla 3.2. We now recommend using this release with Joomla 3.2.

Since last month's release we have also been able to add list & form article plugins, which allow for the creation and synchronization between Fabrik records and  Joomla articles. You can find those in the downloads section.

This update won't appear in your Joomla administration panel and you will need to download it and install from the zip, as we have split the 3.1 updates server from the 3.0 series, to avoid confusion where 3.0.x users were seeing 3.1 releases.

 The downloads section has also had a bit of autumn clean up, we now only show the most current releases, and provide an archive downloads page for access to previous releases. A lot of the element and form plugins which were only available via github have also been added.

We've summarised a list of some of the important changes that have been made since 3.1rc1 below:

Joomla 3.2 specific

  • Changed the way bootstrap grouped inputs are rendered to make them compatible with Joomla 3.2
  • fixed: modal repeats not working
  • fixed: textarea; characters left JavaScript was no longer working due to the update to tinyMce 4.
  • fixed: list/form template select lists in admin pages were showing root folder selection and not actual template folders
  • changed: $app->redirect will no longer take 2nd param as message
  • fixed: Repeat Joomla form logic not working, so unfortunately we still have to override a core Joomla file

Joomla 2.5 specific

  • PDF section missing in list edit page
  • fixed: modal repeat gave JavaScript error 
  • fixed: missing form buttons options in form edit page


  • Search all with a cascading dropdown element, was not setting field values to LOWER() causing incorrect search results.
  • Search all with cascading dropdown; subsequent searches were not replacing the previous search 
  • Fixed the router to allow for pdf form views when all 3 Joomla sef options turned on
  • Fixed a JavaScript error with the  CSV front end export when groups were toggleable
  • Added an "is empty" option to the list's advanced search 
  • CSV view not working and its window no longer scrolls the page on load as this produced some odd visual effects
  • Fixed: search all with date range filters could produce 500 error, so changed the date filter to check if it should be included in search all results
  • Fixed: list search all label not applied to bootstrap list tmpl


  • Fixed: textarea element periodical js timer not clearing - causing slow down when using 2+ editors with limit character count on
  • Fixed: db join admin; if a view selected as the source list and that view was not a fabrik list, then the element options were incorrect


  • Added limit param to fusion charts, used in the $listModel->setLimits() call in the model.

Download Fabrik 3.1rc2