Form paginating can be a powerful way to split long forms into smaller sections, making what might have been a daunting and off-putting process more user friendly. This feature has been lacking in Fabrik, well there were hacks to get it working, but they tended to be difficult to implement and prone to error. As of today, in Fabrik 2.0's SVN, there is a simple way to create form's that span over multiple pages.

Below I'm going to outline how this feature works: Right - here goes.... First of all update from the SVN Now lets party..... For each extra page you want in your form create a new group (e.g. called page2, page3). You should now see a new parameter on the add group page called 'Page break' - select 'yes' for each of your new groups. Move your elements, or create new elements into each of the pages. When loading the form you should now see:

  • Only the elements contained within the first group
  • A next, previous and submit button (previous and submit greyed out)

Clicking on the next button will take you to the next group Any validations in the form are preformed via AJAX each time you go from one page to another. (This is regardless of what settings you have for your form's Ajax validation" option.) Note that you can have more than one group on a page, the page break occurs only for those groups with the 'Page break' option turned on.