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Dropdown Element Not Empty Validation Error When 0

Discussion in 'Community' started by hominid4, Apr 9, 2021.

  1. hominid4

    hominid4 Member

    Level: Community
    I very seldom use the Dropdown element, almost always use Database Join element, and haven't noticed this before and not sure if it's only on my end, although I tried it on a couple different sites/servers.

    I have a Dropdown element with four sub options with values: empty (for Please select), 0, 1, 2

    I have a notempty validation for this dropdown which works as needed except when "0" is selected it shows the notempty error message, it is determining "0" is empty.

    Before I continue to troubleshoot this, is this issue only on my end?


    Fabrik GitHub: 2021-03-19
    Joomla: 3.9.25
    PHP: 7.3.27
  2. startpoint

    startpoint Active Member

    Level: Community
    Try with isnot validation.
  3. hominid4

    hominid4 Member

    Level: Community
    Yes, that works, and I currently have a PHP validation in place in the meanwhile, but curious why the notempty validation considers a "0" value to be empty for a Dropdown element? The notempty works fine, just when "0" value is chosen. Thanks.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2021

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